20 down… 30 to go! Boom!

Hey there!

It seems I’m doing OK with the weekly posts and I’m very happy with that. I’ve missed my blog and despite the fact that I have managed to come back to working out now that my injury is gone (thankfully!), I sure as heck miss the accountability and simply being able to share my story.

I have taken a very different approach to my road to fitness and weight loss, mostly due to what goes in my mouth. I don’t follow any diets. The closest thing to a diet that I follow is eating Paleo as often as possible and that’s simply because I like it and it allows me to eat what I like to eat. However, if I am craving a burger, I will eat it. And I won’t feel guilty about it.

Why? Isn’t this not helping me?

Of course it doesn’t help me lose weight. My kind of burgers include cheese, bacon and fried eggs. And they’re always accompanied by a side of fries (cheese fries if I’m really craving it). But I’m happy. I enjoy food in moderation, always making sure that I don’t eat more than my body can take in one sitting (I actually eat very little, it’s ridiculous).

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I went to the doctor’s office on Thursday for a check up and felt amazing when I got on the scale and the assistant told me I weighed 170. WHAT?! I hadn’t gone to the gym in two weeks, and my only meal the day before was exactly what I described to you above, with regular fries. (Only meal simply because my body was in dire need of rest and I slept the entire day.

When I moved to NYC, I was so stressed with the move and what to me was still a difficult break up that the weight I had lost, I gained all back. Pretty quick. So I showed up to this crazy city at 188 lbs. After only 2 months here, sporadic fun runs getting to know the city and all the walking and stair climbing done everyday during your commute, I weighed in at 180 on November 24th. On February 19th, I weighed in at 170. That to me, was simply the best news ever.

This means that I’m only 30 lbs away from my goal. I expect to be at 155 by May and definitely plan to reach my goal by the end of the year.

I will continue eating the way that I do: healthy, clean, attempting to eat my veggies, my fruits, lots of proteins, limiting my carbs (honestly, I don’t even miss them much) and satisfying a craving in moderation. I’m not trying to just lose the weight and say I reached my goal, I am trying to reach my happy weight and be able to keep it being realistic about what my everyday life routine looks like. Please note though, that I DO NOT reward myself with food.

So, before I ramble some more and get into a whole different topic, I want to just say that I’m super excited about this progress. 20 lbs is a huge deal (it’s 18, but I’ve been at 190). Can’t wait to keep working out for fun, spending 1.5-2 hours at the gym, looking at myself shoulder press or doing squat jumps in front of the mirror and then making myself some bad ass meals. Simply enjoying life, doing what I like to do and reaping the benefits.

What’s your weight loss story?

What do you consider healthy eating?

What’s your happy weight?

Working Out in the Winter

Coming from Miami, I never had to worry about this. The worst I ever had to worry about was when it poured so hard I didn’t want to go outside and run into a puddle & damage my $115 shoes that I could barely afford. Because the $80 ones would be cheaper, but they’d send me straight back to the physical therapist with shin splints and who knows how many other issues in a domino effect. Now, my concern is snow, but most importantly ice.

New York City has been great to me. I love the cold, although it’s expected to have pretty low temperatures today and I might freeze. But I still love the cold. It was amazing getting out of work at 5PM (I now work a different shift) making it home by 5:45PM and changing my clothes and heading out to run by 6:30PM. The weather would be perfect. I would put on my shorts or put on my capris and one of my race shirts and head out for at least 3 miles. Little by little I realized my hands were getting cold so I added my lifting gloves on to my outfit. Then I went to Miami where I needed to not worry about the weather and when I came back, the weather was just as good.

Nearing the end of December, I had already considered the idea of signing up for the gym. This would mean I could get back to a strength workout routine and not have to worry about the weather outside for my runs. So that’s exactly what I did on December 31st… the day after I was walking to work and slipped on what I assumed was just a small puddle of water, but was really ice. This just proved to me that I would risk everything running outside, I did not want to end back at the physical therapy and have him tell me that I couldn’t run again for a while. I WAS NOT HAVING THAT… AGAIN!

So I signed up for the gym. I hate my gym. I think I hate it a little more than I hated LA Fitness back in Miami. But Planet Fitness was cheap, so I’m sucking it up for now. I’m moving to Newark in March and a friend suggested I try out his gym, which I’m considering. Moving away from the winter, this becomes a tough decision. So, I would like to ask those who have had similar situations in the past for your help.

Basically, should I leave Planet Fitness where I am a Black Card member, allowed to go to any Planet Fitness in the nation or should I go to this new gym where I can only go there. I actually have used 4 of their locations due to convenience in just the last two months, so this is a bit important. Before you answer, let me tell you what I like and don’t like about the gyms.

Planet Fitness: What I like

$20 a month

Open almost all the time

Two nearby locations to my job

Free weights are always in their place!

I would be able to use the gym when I go on vacation

Planet Fitness: What I don’t like

No stairmaster. Similar equipment but doesn’t allow me to do the same workout I need.

Weird vibe. Really hate working out in the weights area with the guys. Not creeped out, just annoyed.

They only have seated leg press. Variety please?

A Fit Above Fitness Center: What I like

$20 a month

Hours are limited, but they’re at convenient times for me.

They have equipment I plan on using with my workouts that PF doesn’t have (e.g. BOSU balls)

They have boxing equipment! (Hello spontaneous, anger management gym session!)

They offer several classes which I enjoy (Zumba, kickboxing and strength)

A Fit Above Fitness Center: What I don’t like

Seems to only have one location, which might not be too big of an issue when better weather comes along

So, what would you do? I am strongly leaning toward canceling my PF subscription and trying this new gym out. I haven’t been to it so I’m not able to say more about what I don’t like about it, but their website tells me a lot about what equipment they have and the classes they offer and they align very well with the workout plan I set up for myself.

Are you in the New York/New Jersey area? What gym do you recommend and which do you warn me to stay away from?


Because I’ve Been Lost.

Hey there!

I thought of writing on here again a long time ago. And I know that I get lost for a few months and then come back. I won’t say that I’m back for good but I pretty much wanted to make an attempt. I don’t have much planned to write about, but in the next couple of posts (not on a schedule or anything) I will try to show you what I’ve been doing in these last 5 months.

I moved to New York on August 29th, 2014… exactly 5 months ago! That’s insane! Some of you follow me through Instagram and some of you are also friends of mine on Facebook. So, at first I was getting settled in and I only ran a bit at first. Last I was on here I mentioned I got injured again and well, that’s thankfully over. I was back to running, training for a half and then winter got here so I signed up for the gym. I’ll post more on that later when I get a chance. So for now, enjoy these pics of me pre- and post-run.

Roll over pics for captions.

So, like I said, I can’t promise to write regularly or anything but I will try to add a few posts to discuss what I’m doing at least once a week.

And if you’re in New York City and know where I should go run for a great view or have suggestions on how to not freeze in the cold or slip in the snow during one of my runs, feel free to share.

By the way, does anyone dislike Planet Fitness as much as I do?!

I’m Moving to New York!

Hey there!

In the last post, I mentioned how I was moving to New York and according to the countdown app I keep looking at I’ve got 9 days and less than 10 hours till I board that plane. I’ve managed to continue stretching at home and I keep foam rolling because well, we are the best of friends since I have not been able to afford the sessions at my therapist anymore, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. So I continue to do the workouts I learned.

Unfortunately, the pain is still there but it’s due to stress and I’m working on foam rolling more to ease the buildup around my upper back/shoulders and chamomile teas are certainly helping.

Now, like I said before, once I get to New York I need to make sure I get back to stretching properly and taking as much care of my body as I can. So, I’ve done some searching for free yoga and fitness classes and I’ve narrowed down the possibilities. If you have tried any of them or know of any others, please let me know. All of them are free. And free is good!


Bryant Park Moves – every week on Saturday (from 5/31 – 9/27) at Bryant Park from 10am – 11am. Basically a modern dance class, led by Limon Dance Company. Cause y’know, sometimes you just need to do something different.

Yoga on the Waterfront – every week on Saturday (from 8/9 – 9/27) at Socrates Sculpture Park from 9:30am – 10:30am.

Club Fit: Free Outdoor Yoga – every week on Saturday (from 6/7 – 9/27). They have 4 locations, the closest one to me will be the Target Bronx Community Garden. From 10am – 11am.

Shape Up NYC Body Sculpting – every week on Saturday (from 8/2 – 12/27). It’s a total body workout that addresses muscle strength and endurance. From 10am – 11am.

Shape Up NYC Dance Fitness – every week on Saturday (from 8/2 – 12/27). Aerobic workout including latin, international and popular music. Β From 11:30 – 12:30. If work schedule permits, I can combine both Body Sculpting and Dance Fitness on the same day for a longer workout.

Tai Chi in Socrates Sculpture Park – every week on Sunday (from 8/1 – 9/28). Led by certified instructors. From 11am – 12pm.

Bryant Park FitClub: Pilates with Pilates on Fifth – every week on Monday (from 5/12 – 9/22). Pilates workout addressing spine and deep ab muscles. From 7:30am – 8:30am.


While searching for these workouts I cam across these two events going on (lucky me, I get to NYC on Labor Day Weekend).

Run for the Trail: Labor Day B’Ramble - Monday, September 1 at 10am. Proceeds from this 5K/10K race go to The Friends of Van Cortlandt Park’s trail plan. I checked out the venue and the park actually has a very interesting sculpture of a turtle and a hare, meant to honor runners of any pace. I found that very welcoming. Apparently this trail is used by schools and a few of the runs that take place in the Bronx.

NYCRUNS Labor Day 5K & 10K – Monday, September 1 at 8:30am at Firefighters Field in Roosevelt Island.

I will not be racing, but I would like to show up and check out the race. It is labor day monday and I will not be working so this I figure this would be a great way to get out to an event and hopefully meet some people.


This is the update for this week. My last day at work is August 28 and my amazing coworkers are throwing me a little farewell party on Friday and I’m excited. My parents are also throwing me a going away/belated graduation party on Saturday and I’m hoping my cousin takes me to Purdy Lounge this weekend as well. This is officially my last weekend in Miami. I’m a little anxious, but ridiculously excited. I’ve literally been looking at possible color options for my bedroom furniture and decor. Yup. I’ve never done that before.


Let me know if you are doing any of the above races or workouts in NY or any others. I love to meet up with my readers, I’ve made some pretty good friends this way, and this would be a great way to break in a new beginning.

Quick Update

Finals are over!

I have officially finished my 2nd Associates! Whoop!

I’m a little less stressed now, thankfully.

I have not been going to my therapists and up until yesterday I looked like I was sick because of how tired I had been. My hand was in pain of so much writing I had to do while studying for my finals that I took prescribed Meloxicam and hoped to the heavens that I wouldn’t bleed internally.

I haven’t gone to the therapist for a number of reasons, apart from finals and serious lack of sleep, my car has been getting fixed for almost two weeks now and having to take the bus everywhere in Miami is the absolute worst so that just stacked sleepless hours on top of sleepless hours and I realized my back would hurt a bit less if I just got some rest.

My back hasn’t been too bad at all. I got a tattoo a few weeks ago and I’ve been a bit scared to foam roll, but I will get on that this week just because it’s almost fully healed. I’ve also been sleeping in my parents room because my air messed up and I’m moving so purchasing a new air conditioner seemed pointless. But all in all, it’s been behaving. Any back pain I’ve had in the last 3 weeks is mostly due to stress from finals and my new move. I’ve just been asking my mom to rub some muscle rub on me when I go to bed to ease the discomfort and I wake up feeling new and usually when it’s hardcore bone pain, that just reduces the pain so that’s a good sign.

I am happy to say that it was worth it. I finished my A.S. in CSI:Forensics and I’m a step closer to where I need to be and my motivation is bursting.

I am also really excited to say that I will am leaving Miami and moving to New York! It’s happening in September and I’ve been stressed with job hunting, apartment hunting and selling almost everything I own in order to just take clothes, shoes and money to New York. Unfortunately, I seriously underestimated how many clothes I have. I’m only done with one luggage and my room looks nowhere near empty. So we’re just gonna ship a huge box. But, I’ve managed to sell most of my stuff, like TV, furniture, barely used clothing, purses and my Wii and the games.

Once in New York, I hope to find groups and specific workout clubs for yoga and running so that I can get some workouts in and continue to stretch properly without having to find a new therapist in a new state with almost no money. So, if you know of great places to do this, preferably for free, please leave a comment below and I will check them out.

Thank you!